September Blog By Hal

back to school

It may be back to school for us students but it’s also back to work for our politicians so it’s the best time to remind the about how we feel towards climate change and that it should be at the top of their agendas. September is an important month for climate change, with the upcoming United Nations summit in New York.

Blog September

All the global leaders will meet to negotiate new sustainable development goals for the next 15 years. Pope Francis will give the opening speech on the 25th of September, where he is sure to mention the key messages from his Encyclical Laudato Si.

Blog Sept 2
October is traditionally harvest time in the UK, CAFOD would like us to help farmers around the world who are affected by climate change, on Friday 2nd October – Harvest Fast Day CAFOD would particularly like us to help farmers in places like Niger where climate change has caused longer and hotter dry seasons making it difficult to grow crops.  Look out for the posters around your schools and churches. Or find out more information here.


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