17th June Climate Change Rally

Last month (on the 17th June) around 9,000 people gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to try and talk to their MP’s.  We wanted to let them know how strong our feelings are about climate change and the damage it’s doing to our planet and the suffering it’s causing to people less fortunate than our selves. The Pope has also expressed his concerns about climate change, in his encyclical called Laudato Si (which means care of our common home).  It was published on the 18th of June. He tells us that love and care for creation is an essential part of our catholic faith. CAFOD’s work on climate change is also concerned with the link between poverty and environmental damage; this is an important message behind the one climate one world campaign. In September world leaders will gather for the United Nations summit in New York, to set targets for sustainable development for the next 15 years. The Pope will speak at this meeting and it is a good opportunity to tell our Prime Minister and MP’s to take action on climate change and how important it is to us. You can do your bit by signing CAFOD’s petition to David Cameron.

By Hal


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