Seven students from All Saints Catholic High School travelled down to the Houses of Parliament in London to meet their MPs and discuss the issues of climate change and how they will work towards solving it.

We began our day by two of our students attending the ecumenical service at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster. They helped carried two pieces of a broken heart that fitted together. The heart stood for the motto of the lobby, “…for the love of…”


The crack in the heart was to show what we as humans are doing to the earth.                                                                     Later we made our way to the Houses of IMG_3209Parliament to rally with our Local MPs and discuss the issues and solutions to climate change.






WP_20150617_15_03_52_ProThe first MP that the students met was Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central. Paul gave very thorough answers when referring to what he was trying to do to tackle climate change. Paul referred to solutions such as the use of renewable energy like solar or wind power. Paul takes the issue of climate change very seriously and one student engaged in a debate over what the government could and should do. Even after the long talk Paul still had time for a photo.


The students then caught up with former labour leader Ed Miliband to discuss the issues of climate change, before heading to Milbank Park to wait for the speeches.IMG_3225

Overall, the students had a great time visiting Parliament and speaking to MPs about an urgent issue that faces the world today.


By Toby