Looking ahead through Lent

Did you enjoy your pancakes? My sister put lemon and sugar on hers(yuck); chocolate sauce tastes so much better! On Shrove Tuesday, we traditionally have a last blowout before the start of Lent; February Blog.jpg

a time when we sacrifice things we enjoy. The CAFOD bloggers at All Saints are going to email a link to the CAFOD Lent calendar to everyone in our school community and ask them to think about what they can cut out during Lent.

February Blog 2.jpgBy fasting or giving up something we enjoy we can show support for people around the world who are less fortunate than we are and donate the money we save to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal. The UK government is matching what we give to CAFOD throughout Lent £1 for £1 – double the reason to donate!

We can also help the CAFOD One Climate, One World campaign by cutting out something we do that harms the environment. On our school trip to Othona in January we heard about people whose lives were ruined after a cyclone ripped through their community. We learnt that donations to CAFOD make a real difference to these communities and help them rebuild their lives; but our actions to save the environment will also help prevent them happening again.

February Blog 3.png

As we look forward to Easter Sunday and our chocolate treats, please try to buy Fairtrade Easter Eggs!


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