Before I went to Othona I did not know how much climate change was affecting disadvantaged people in countries on the other side of the world. I didn’t think about how doing little things differently could help climate change in such a big way. Also I thought what is the point of campaigning when climate change won’t even affect me?

_SAM2021.JPGOne of the first and most important things that I learnt was that we aren’t campaigning for ourselves; we are campaigning for the people who are going to be around in 30-40 years time and the people who have already been hit by the devastating effects of climate change.

At Othona they used solar and wind turbines because they are both alternative sources of energy and they are also both renewable. I was very surprised to see the wind turbines at Othona due to the fact there are not many in Sheffield. However I found this very interesting as it made me realise that there is a possibility of using them in big cities where it may not cross the local people’s minds. _SAM2065.JPG

A whole school project that we are planning to do is to create a Lenten cross made out of broken and recycable items from home, such as cups and saucers, plastic, old buttons, anything that you would throw in the bin (within reason) to help raise awareness to the students and staff in our school about climate change and what it is doing to our wonderful world.

We (the group of students who went to Ethona) are also planning to get in touch with our local MP Meg Munn and question her knowledge on climate change. With the elections in May we will also be writing to Paul Blomfield a Labour MP for Sheffield.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to uploading my next blog soon

By Nick


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