Climate Change Blog

My 3 days at Othona, with other young CAFOD bloggers, learning about how climate change affects people around the world was an amazing experience.


Othona was a great example of how we can save energy and limit climate change. Powered by solar panels and wind turbines alone, it doesn’t take any electricity from the national grid – but it still has Wi-Fi!

During our stay we made new friends from other schools and learnt how hard life can be for families around the world who have to live with the effects of climate change. We Skyped a CAFOD worker in Bangladesh who told us how tornadoes had contaminated drinking water supplies with seawater.

I learnt that it doesn’t take a great effort to act against climate change, you can start by saving energy in your own home, school and church by turning off lights and sockets CAFOD BLOG 2.jpg

when not in use. I’m starting by making sure I turn off my mobile charger each night.

On the last day of our trip we helped launch a new CAFOD campaign to encourage young people to get involved with the One Climate, One World campaign. We’re going to be blogging each month encouraging you to get involved too. See what we got up to at

By Hal


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