Looking ahead through Lent

Did you enjoy your pancakes? My sister put lemon and sugar on hers(yuck); chocolate sauce tastes so much better! On Shrove Tuesday, we traditionally have a last blowout before the start of Lent; February Blog.jpg

a time when we sacrifice things we enjoy. The CAFOD bloggers at All Saints are going to email a link to the CAFOD Lent calendar to everyone in our school community and ask them to think about what they can cut out during Lent.

February Blog 2.jpgBy fasting or giving up something we enjoy we can show support for people around the world who are less fortunate than we are and donate the money we save to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal. The UK government is matching what we give to CAFOD throughout Lent £1 for £1 – double the reason to donate!

We can also help the CAFOD One Climate, One World campaign by cutting out something we do that harms the environment. On our school trip to Othona in January we heard about people whose lives were ruined after a cyclone ripped through their community. We learnt that donations to CAFOD make a real difference to these communities and help them rebuild their lives; but our actions to save the environment will also help prevent them happening again.

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As we look forward to Easter Sunday and our chocolate treats, please try to buy Fairtrade Easter Eggs!




Before I went to Othona I did not know how much climate change was affecting disadvantaged people in countries on the other side of the world. I didn’t think about how doing little things differently could help climate change in such a big way. Also I thought what is the point of campaigning when climate change won’t even affect me?

_SAM2021.JPGOne of the first and most important things that I learnt was that we aren’t campaigning for ourselves; we are campaigning for the people who are going to be around in 30-40 years time and the people who have already been hit by the devastating effects of climate change.

At Othona they used solar and wind turbines because they are both alternative sources of energy and they are also both renewable. I was very surprised to see the wind turbines at Othona due to the fact there are not many in Sheffield. However I found this very interesting as it made me realise that there is a possibility of using them in big cities where it may not cross the local people’s minds. _SAM2065.JPG

A whole school project that we are planning to do is to create a Lenten cross made out of broken and recycable items from home, such as cups and saucers, plastic, old buttons, anything that you would throw in the bin (within reason) to help raise awareness to the students and staff in our school about climate change and what it is doing to our wonderful world.

We (the group of students who went to Ethona) are also planning to get in touch with our local MP Meg Munn and question her knowledge on climate change. With the elections in May we will also be writing to Paul Blomfield a Labour MP for Sheffield.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to uploading my next blog soon

By Nick

Climate Change Blog

My 3 days at Othona, with other young CAFOD bloggers, learning about how climate change affects people around the world was an amazing experience.


Othona was a great example of how we can save energy and limit climate change. Powered by solar panels and wind turbines alone, it doesn’t take any electricity from the national grid – but it still has Wi-Fi!

During our stay we made new friends from other schools and learnt how hard life can be for families around the world who have to live with the effects of climate change. We Skyped a CAFOD worker in Bangladesh who told us how tornadoes had contaminated drinking water supplies with seawater.

I learnt that it doesn’t take a great effort to act against climate change, you can start by saving energy in your own home, school and church by turning off lights and sockets CAFOD BLOG 2.jpg

when not in use. I’m starting by making sure I turn off my mobile charger each night.

On the last day of our trip we helped launch a new CAFOD campaign to encourage young people to get involved with the One Climate, One World campaign. We’re going to be blogging each month encouraging you to get involved too. See what we got up to at http://www.cafod.org.uk/Education/Young-people/Young-climate-bloggers

By Hal